I have known Jennifer for about one year as my daughter Alexandra took
private guitar and song writing lessons with her at our house. The progress that
she made with Jennifer as a teacher has exceeded all expectations.  

Jennifer definitely made Alexandra grow as a guitar player and song
writer and gave her confidence in herself. Jennifer is a passionate musician
and imparted her enthusiasm and love of guitar and song writing onto Alexandra. Jennifer introduced Alexandra to different pieces of music and almost every week Alexandra was exposed to new pieces. Jennifer customized her lessons to
Alexandra’s music interests and skill while at the same time providing
challenges to keep the learning process going. I was really impressed by the
fact that after each lesson (and without any pushing from us) Alexandra would eagerly practice at home until her guitar and song writing piece was mastered.

On a personal level, Alexandra and Jennifer developed an amazing connection; Jennifer would praise Alexandra for her accomplishments and gave her the confidence she needs to showcase her skills in front of an audience in terms of
song writing, singing and playing the guitar. She will be truly missed!
~ Katerina L. Wellesley, MA

My daughter Abigail, who just turned 8 has been taking lessons with Jennifer Matthews for the past 7 months. Both my husband and I have a background in
music, and my husband plays guitar; so we thought that my daughter might
slowly start to enjoy playing guitar as well. We set her up with classes with
Jennifer. We were amazed at the personalized, thoughtful approach that Jennifer utilized with Abby. Within a couple of weeks, Abby was able to play chords, and shortly thereafter she was able to play simple but well known songs while singing
the lyrics. Now, after 7 months, her repertoire includes Taylor Swift (Mean, Safe
and Sound), Rachel Platten (Fight Song), Sound of Music (Edelweiss, My Favorite Things), The Beatles (Yellow Submarine, Let it Be), Jimmie Davis (You are my sunshine). We are impressed and grateful to Jennifer. She is an awesome,
seasoned musician and talented teacher with a warm and engaging personality. 
~ Abigail Brown and her family, from Newton, MA. May, 17th, 2016.

My daughter has been receiving lessons from Jennifer Matthews, and she
loves every minute that she gets to spend with Jennifer.  Her voice, and her confidence in her voice, has grown in leaps and bounds.  My daughter
went from being very shy about her voice to singing constantly in public. 
Jennifer shows such kindness and understanding with her students, and she
really helps them to reach their full potential!  My daughter looks forward to
her time with Jennifer every week, and she always leaves singing and happy!!

~ Cat Sutherland, Brockton, MA

Anyone would be lucky to be taught by Jennifer -- I know I feel blessed to have had such an amazing instructor! Jennifer Matthews not only hones a student's skills but she is also intuitive and insightful about her students' needs -- allowing them to build on their strengths. Her own skills and strengths are so versatile and influential from her vision of composing music with multiple instruments to songwriting and from poetry to dance! She is just phenomenal!
~ Prema Bangera, Boston, MA

My son Kyle first came to Jennifer when he was only 5 years old. He was having an issue with his voice - he was always yelling and singing and his voice was rough, or "froggy". At first, Jennifer taught him how to use his voice and control his breath so he didn't continue to hurt his vocal chords. They progressed from there to singing, creating music, recording it and even performing. Kyle fell in love with music, song writing and performing and we owe a lot of that to Jennifer. She instilled in him a real love for music and developed his talent. 15 years later, Kyle is still writing songs and performing and has made music his career.  Jennifer is still important to Kyle and he often remembers what she taught him and the gifts she shared with him.
~ Minnie Davis, Lexington, MA



Jennifer Matthews and Kyle Davis Music Lessons
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